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How it works

Here’s what we'll do:  (pdf)

  • Meet with your staff, via video conference, to understand your organization, its culture needs, and requirements, as well as the expectations for the position to be filled.

  • Prepare Position Opportunity Profile, describing your organization, position overview, vocational experience, qualifications, and other characteristics needed.

  • Determine sources from which to seek qualified candidates.

  • Assist your staff in conducting outreach; mining data resources to recruit qualified candidates with the right vocational experience, personal faith, ministry vision, and values aligned with your organization.

  • Guide you to conduct thorough vetting process of all candidates, including in-depth personal interviews, and careful assessment of strengths and weaknesses.

  • Prepare Candidate Profiles, Candidate Questionnaires, and recorded video interviews. 

  • Provide regular written reports to keep you advised of progress on the search.

  • Assist you in narrowing the field to top three to four candidates from which you will select the finalist.

  • Once final candidate is chosen, reference interviews are completed and added to the Candidate Profile, as well as background checks and degree verifications.

  • Assist you in final negotiations to ensure you have your best opportunity to hire the preferred candidate. 

  • Follow up with your new leader after he/she starts in their position, to assist in the transition building the relationship between the hiring executive and your new team member.

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