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How it works

Whether a transition occurs due to an unexpected vacancy or the anticipated changeover of a long-tenured leader, having an intentional and thoughtful plan in place is imperative to continued success. We can assist in creating a leadership profile to meet current challenges and address future opportunities.

Planning for succession of leadership: Intentionally identifying the characteristics and attributes of the leader who will take the organization into its best future.

JDA will: 

  • Prepare for the succession process

    • Meet with the board of directors to understand the organization, its purpose, vision, challenges, and opportunities, as well as the requirements and expectations for an effective chief executive.

    • Evaluation of organization's core values and their current/future relevance.

    • SWOT Analysis: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

  • Identify trigger points for successor search and define successor qualifications. 

    • Articulate future goals and priorities as well as methods for measuring success.

    • Assessment of organizational design and functioning structures.

    • Identification of necessary changes to foster vibrancy and relevance. 

    • Evaluate opportunities to recast vision and ensure future viability.

    • Evaluate the current relationship between the Board and chief executive.

    • Define what will constitute an ideal experiential, relational, and cultural "fit" for the organization.

  • Compile preparation process with qualitative and quantitative definitions, for Board discussion and approval, to be implemented at the appropriate time. 

JDA's succession planning consultation can be followed by an executive search to locate the right fit leader. 

  •  Implementing leadership succession.

    • Prepare for actual transition and define transition period.

    • Financial considerations for outgoing leader and future hire.​​

    • Develop Opportunity Profile for the executive opening.

    • Conduct search for qualified leader based on defined criteria. 

Once candidate is hired and in place, manage the transition and set new leader up for success. 

  • Announcement of transition and succession – focus on vision and continuity. 

  • Celebration of outgoing leader's service and legacy. 

  • Support the new leader with regular check-ins and foster board cooperation. 

"Perhaps no other event in an organization’s… life cycle is filled with a greater sense of both expectation as well as angst than the transition of senior leadership. There is usually a heightened level of risk and uncertainty about the future when a chief executive offer leaves, even under the best and anticipated of circumstances."


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