Team Building & Talent Acquisition

Bring JDA into your organization to evaluate areas of opportunity in your team and assess team dynamics. Jeff is skilled in making connections and he can help your team by focusing on people's strengths as a way to stimulate personal and group excellence. 

Leverage his expertise in:  

-Hiring and building management teams  

-Recruiting effective board members 

-Reorganizing staff structures to maximize the effectiveness of both new and existing teams.  

We look for transformational leadership.  Let us help you turn something strong into something truly outstanding.


DIY Leadership Recruiting 

We help non-profits, private schools, and churches fill leadership vacancies the right way, at a  fraction of the cost. Leverage our expertise to build your ideal executive and mid level leadership team.

Let us guide you through the process:  

-Meet with your team and assess the needs of your organization in order to create an Opportunity Profile used to market position to potential applicants 

-We screen, sort, and communicate with all applicants to find the cream of the crop.  

-From that pool, we conduct a thorough vetting process of all candidates including Candidate Profiles, Candidate Questionnaire, and recorded video interviews.  

-Partner with you to narrow down to final selection and present them to decision-makers for hiring evaluation.  


Learn more about our DIY Leadership Recruiting here...

Organizational Design for Non-Profits

With years of experience in the creation and implementation of functional structures, organizational design, and internal controls, both Jeff and Julie can assist with proper set up and launch.  

JDA can help you with: 

-Initial filings for 501 (c)(3) non-profit status 

-Creation of corporate documents and bylaws 

-Producing initial financial statements and accounting documents, board manuals, and materials needed to function effectively.  

Julie’s accounting practice has specialized in the non-profit and small business space since 2004.  Jeff currently serves on the boards of Olive Branch Int'l, Friends Development Corp, and Rowntree Gardens.  He was a founding board member for Marketplace Ministries Worldwide and led its merger with OBI.  He has also been a corporate officer for Evangelical Friends SW, and executive pastor at Canyon Hills Friends Church. 

Process Improvement

Jeff has plenty of experience working at both for-profit businesses and non-profit ministries from his years in the private technology sector and non-profit management.

Allow JDA to identify, analyze, and improve on your operational processes to:  

-Optimize output 

-Meet new standards 

-Align priorities 

-Define the most effective operating model to achieve your organization’s goals and objectives.   

Broaden the impact of your organization’s mission through process evaluation and optimization! 


Partial COO, CFO, Executive Director

Need someone for a part time or interim executive role?   

Jeff served for 11 years as COO/CFO for Evangelical Friends Church Southwest, denominational headquarters for the regional network of 40 Friends churches in CA, NV, and AZ.  He also functioned as the Executive Director for Marketplace Ministries Worldwide and these roles prepared him to help your organization by:  

-Providing leadership and oversight for fiscal management and accounting 

-Marketing expertise 

-Donor development 

-Member and missionary care 

-Human resources and legal compliance 

-Facilities construction and management  

-Development and implementation of the strategic plan and business plans.  

Schedule a consultation with Jeff to see how he can fill a part time or interim role to help your organization step into a new season.  


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