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Jeff Davis Leadership


Collaborative Leadership Recruiting 

Filling a leadership vacancy is mission critical. We’ll help you find the right fit.

JDA’s collaborative model enables you to fill leadership vacancies, the right way, at a fraction of the cost. This hybrid approach utilizes our executive search expertise while leveraging your organization's existing resources.

Succession Planning

Whether a transition occurs due to an unexpected vacancy or the anticipated changeover of a long-tenured leader, having an intentional and thoughtful plan in place is imperative to continued success. We can assist in creating a leadership profile to meet current challenges and address future opportunities.

Demystifying Nonprofit Structures

With years of experience in the creation and implementation of functional non-profit structures, organizational design, and internal controls, both Jeff and Julie can assist with proper set up and launch.  

Let JDA demystify the complex legal/financial requirements and set you up for greater impact in your mission

Organizational Design and 

Process Improvement

Bring JDA into your organization to evaluate areas of opportunity and assess team dynamics. Jeff has experience working at both for-profit businesses and non-profit ministries. Broaden the impact of your organization’s mission through process evaluation and optimization! Let us help you turn something strong into something truly outstanding.

Organization Meeting

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We are here to assist and collaborate. We'd love to connect.

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