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About Wells of Life

Wells of Life is all about creating sustainable communities by providing access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene support. We are very close to accomplishing our original vision to provide one million of the "poorest of the poor" with clean water. Since 2010 more than 820 communities have been transformed for the better.

JDA’s collaborative model enables you to fill leadership vacancies, the right way, at a fraction of the cost. This hybrid approach utilizes our executive search expertise while leveraging your organization's existing resources.

We’ll guide your executive recruiting process from start to finish... (flyer)

  1. Facilitate an in-depth assessment of the position requirements and organizational objectives.

  2. Create digital marketing tools for targeted recruiting on the right platforms and networks from which JDA will attract, screen, and qualify the best candidates.

  3. Present fully vetted candidate profiles for final selection process as well as provide helpful resources for effective interviews and discerning the right fit.

  4. Help your organization hire the best-fit candidate to join your leadership team and broaden the impact of your mission. 

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Jeff Davis,
Executive Search Consultant

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