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Filling a leadership vacancy is mission critical.
We'll help you find the right fit. 

JDA's collaborative recruiting model empowers you to fill leadership vacancies more cost effectively. Leverage your existing resources by tapping into our executive search expertise. 

We specialize in guiding nonprofits, schools, churches, and mission organizations. 

Let us help your organization...

Find the right

leaders with the

right talents

Succession plan for leadership transitions


 nonprofit legal and

financial structures


design and process improvement


“The shared effort took most of the workload of the search away from the college staff, but also allowed us to stay close enough to the process and the candidates that by the time we got to the finalist interviews, we felt like we knew each of them very well… I would not hesitate to recommend J. Davis & Associates to others.”

Doug Jones - VP for Finance at Westmont College

"JDA’s handling of candidates, and us as their client, was world class. Jeff's willingness, in fact preference, to humbly listen first to COTN about its work and desires for this position was incredible and remains as a somewhat magical experience that I’ve not had with other search firms."

Paul De Pree - Senior VP and COO at Children of the Nations 

“We never felt that JDA was being transactional, and that is a hard thing to do in this day and age. We really sensed and felt the ‘service-orientation’ of JDA and their strong willingness to work with us and meet our needs.”

Dave Evans - President at LifeNet International

"Jeff helped us find an outstanding VP of Finance. JDA goes above and beyond what I've seen with other search firms, using technology to really help speed things along. It was a smooth, efficient, and very effective process."

Michael Pierce - Exec. VP, University Operations and Finance


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